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Envoys of Honor


Students escorted WWII veterans to 75th D-Day Events

Thank you for helping these two WWII veterans return to Normandy to be honored and healed. 

One of our sponsor companies helped us raise funds by sharing this plea:  (It helped us a lot!!!) 

"The 75th Anniversary of Normandy is upon us, and for two WWII veterans well into their 90s, this is perhaps their last chance to revisit the battlefields that they lived through to keep the world free from tyranny. We've made a video supporting a local high school effort to ensure they can do just that. Please consider a small charitable donation to Envoys of Honor."

-Nick Palmisciano of Ranger Up 


Our Veterans

George Chall, 96 years young, served with General Patton's 3rd Army through four WWII war campaigns including the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes. He spoke German so he treated German prisoners of war as well as treated wounded soldiers through the end of the war. Mr. Chall landed on Utah Beach Normandy six weeks after D-Day. On November 28, 2018, Mr. Chall was awarded the distinguished French Légion d'Honneur, the highest decoration in France. 

Meet our veterans

Our Story

We did it!!!!  WE escorted two magnificent WWII veterans and their companions back to Normandy, June 3-9.  It was a life-changing experience for everyone.  What did we do? EVERYTHING!  We lived together in a home in Bayeux, we ate dinners together (all 13 of us), laughed a lot, cried sad tears and joyful ones too, walked proudly and humbly and received thousands of hugs and kisses from Europeans of all ages....all in the name of LIBERTY.  Our "Liberateurs" returned to France as heroes and were treated like rock stars...because they are!  As the students said many times, all veterans should be honored like this ..."let's do what we can to make that happen." 

Meet the Team

How did you help us?

You joined the Envoys of Honor in honoring our veterans by making a tax deductible donation. We met our $25,000 goal and a bit more to pay for our veterans to have a safe and comfortable trip back to Normandy. Thank you for donating !!! We appreciate YOU! 


What inspired these students to create this project?

Cathy and four of her teammates share their personal stories of why they wanted to be a part of this team and spend every weekend preparing for escorting two WWII veterans back to Normandy. The NC to Normandy team will be in Normandy June 4-10, 2019 to attend the 75th Commemoration Ceremonies with Mr. Michienzi and Mr. Chall and their companions. 

Miles and his grandfather

Elena ~ honor those who freed victims of war

Matthew ~ grandfather POW WWII veteran

Daniel ~ honor great uncles, WWII veterans

Students ~ Why this project matters

NC to Normandy students discuss why they call themselves "Envoys of Honor"

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